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Blushing Baby Boutique is a small company that makes cute, quality and affordable accessories for your little ones. Our products are mainly for little girls, but can be worn by adults too! We mainly offer products for girls, but are in the process of adding things for boys too!

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What Happened to BBB on Facebook?!

Some of you may have noticed that BBB is no longer on your "Likes" List.  This is why.  Monday night, I was logged into FB checking my personal account.  While logged in, I my account which my business page was attached to was disabled by FB.  I am not sure why this happened at all, but Facebook told me that the decision was final and they couldn't provide me with any additional information.  I started up a new fan page under the same name.  The new link is.


This next part is kind of a vent, Haha. I don't mean to complain here, I just need some where to write my feelings!  I also hope I do not offend anyone. I don't think I'm being rude, just saying how I feel. :]

At first, I wasn't sure I wanted to even start my page again.  My feelings were really hurt because I know that someone reported my page (most likely a fan) and that is why it was shut down.  One reason I was so upset was because I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary in about a week and a half.  I was so excited to celebrate with my 1800+ fans, but it was all taken away from me with a single click.  I worked so hard this past year to develop a fan base, I have advertised, done multiple giveaways and also mad some major sales and now it is just GONE.  I have been working my butt off to get my business to where it is, and help supplement our families income.  I couldn't believe someone could just go and do something like that without a warning to me.  I am sorry to whoever did this, I am not sure what I did.  But I hope before you do this to another page, you think of their situation and confront them with the problem first.

This business started out as something to make extra money at home.  It has grown into so much more than that for me though.  I have met some wonderful people that have become fans and loyal customers.  I have also met other work at home parents and share so much in common with them.  I have reached out to some of these people and I am SO grateful that they have helped me start rebuilding my page.  In just over 4 days,  I have 200+ fans again.  Seeing that some of my old fans were looking for me and seeing all of the new people that are showing me support has made me look at this issue in a more positive way.  Pages I didn't even know existed were giving me shout-outs and offering comforting words.  I have felt so blessed through this time that there are wonderful people and business owners that have my back as a WAHM even when I may sell some of the same items as them.

All in all,  I just want to give a HUGE thanks to all of those who are new fans, fans from my old page, and all the business owners that are helping me get back on my feet.  I really am so grateful for all of you.

My fans are wonderful and I am looking forward to getting to know you all!